Completed Bachelor and Master Theses

The following theses have been completed.


  • Yanxi Liu, "Strong Fluid-Rigid Coupling in SPH Simulations", Master Thesis
  • Aaron Kreuzberg, "SPH Simulation of Air Bubbles", Master Thesis
  • Man Vy Tran, "Analysis and Comparison of Position-Based Simulation Methods for Deformable Solids", Bachelor Thesis
  • Paula Winter, "Evaluation of XPBD Rigid Body Constraints", Bachelor Thesis
  • Yajie Qi, "Compressed SPH File Format", Master Thesis


  • Marlene Heim, "Error reduction in SPH interpolation using Shepard filters", Master Thesis
  • Dominik Maifeld, "Broadphase Collision Detection", Bachelor Thesis
  • Dominik Waigum, "Position-Based Affine Bodies", Bachelor Thesis
  • Elias Geiger, "Evaluation of the Power Particles Method for Fluid Simulation", Master Thesis
  • Björn Friese, "SPH Fluid Simulations using Shallow Water Equations", Bachelor Thesis


  • Kevin Friesen, "SPH Simulation of Smoke", Bachelor Thesis
  • Lukas Westhofen, "Physically-based Simulation of Magnetic Effects", Master Thesis
  • Julius Stotz, "Boundary Pressure Computation in SPH Simulation", Bachelor Thesis
  • Xinhao Qiu, "Upsampling Methods for Particle Based Simulation Data", Master Thesis
  • Hantao Hui, "Fast Global Hessian Assembly in Finite Element Simulations", Master Thesis
  • Jean Meurice, "Time adaptive domain decomposition for SPH", Master Thesis
  • Erik Probst, "Particle-Based Fluids with Continuous Spatial Adaptivity", Master Thesis
  • Robin Rademacher, "Particle-Based Simulation of Granular Materials Using SPH", Master Thesis
  • Jan Kruska, "A Generalized Approach to Surface Handling for Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics Simulations and its Application in a Ray Tracing Scheme", Master Thesis


  • Philip Weyer, "Evaluation of position-based rigid body simulation methods", Bachelor Thesis
  • Artur Schmunk, "hp-Adaptive Method for Continuous Signed Distance Fields", Bachelor Thesis
  • Wesley Drechsel, "An implicit SPH Formulation for Snow and Elasto-Plastic Materials", Master Thesis
  • Iohannes-Heorh Folbort, "Fast Grid-Based Smoothing for SPH Fluid Surface Reconstruction", Master Thesis
  • Sandro Schulte, "Analysis and Optimization of Energy-Based SPH Fluids", Bachelor Thesis
  • Timna Böttcher, "Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics for Simulation of Elasto-Plastic Granular Materials", Bachelor Thesis


  • Janik Hembach, "Physically Accurate Surface Tension for Particle-Based Simulations", Master Thesis
  • Roman Vuskov, "Parallel Neighborhood Search using Space Partitioning", Bachelor Thesis
  • David Gilbert, "Surface Reconstruction of Particle-based Fluids", Master Thesis


  • David Moser, "Fluid Surface Reconstruction Based On Anisotropic Kernel Functions Using Dual Marching Cubes", Bachelor Thesis
  • Jonathan Müller, "Investigating Free Surface Problems in SPH Fluid Simulations", Bachelor Thesis
  • Stefan Rhys Jeske, "Consistent Volume Computation for Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics Simulations using Machine Learning", Master Thesis
  • Fabian Löschner, "ADMM Methods for Rigid Body Simulation", Master Thesis
  • Lars Helge Scheel, "Robust Collisions of Hyperelastic Materials in MPM-Simulations", Master Thesis
  • Lukas Westhofen, "Multiphase Flow Simulation using SPH", Bachelor Thesis
  • Laura-Sophie Berg, "Simulation of Porous Bodies in Particle-Based Fluids", Master Thesis
  • Fabian Orland, "Coupling Fluids with Granular Materials", Master Thesis
  • José Antonio Fernández-Fernández, "Physically-based animation of deformable bodies with the eXtendend Finite Element Method", Master Thesis


  • Lukas Böhres, "Optimization Integrator for Hair Simulation", Bachelor Thesis
  • Gregor Kobsik, "Foam Generation for Particle-based Fluid Simulations", Bachelor Thesis
  • Benjamin Roth, "GPU Accelerated Nearest Neighbor Search for SPH Simulations", Bachelor Thesis


  • Alexander Enneking, "Semi-Lagrangian Approaches for Incompressible Fluid Simulation", Bachelor Thesis
  • Bruno Vollmer, "An Implicit Boundary Representation for SPH Fluid Simulations", Bachelor Thesis
  • Lunjie Zhang, "Boundary handling in fluid simulation using distance fields", Master Thesis


  • Magnus Brand, "Adaptive Discretization of Signed Distance Fields using Hierarchical Polynomials", Master Thesis


  • Stefan Flöser, "Simulation of Incompressible Fluids by SPH and Asynchronous Time Integration", Master Thesis
  • Samir Aroudj, "Netzfreie Kollisionserkennung für deformierbare Körper", Master Thesis
  • Nino Raubaum, "Position-based animation of viscoelastic materials", Master Thesis
  • Marcel Weiler, "Particle Based Fluid Simulation with Constraint Projection", Master Thesis
  • Dennis Basgier, "Interactive Dynamic Ambient Occlusion Using Approximate Voxel Cone Tracing", Master Thesis
  • Tim Staschewski, "Mehrphasen-Flüssigkeitssimulation mit SPH", Bachelor Thesis
  • Klaus-Dieter Müller, "Distanzfeldcaches zur Erkennung von Starrkörperkollisionen", Bachelor Thesis


  • Kevin Daun, "Collision Handling between Rigid and Deformable Bodies with Continuous Penalty Forces", Bachelor Thesis
  • Dan Koschier, "Adaptive Tetrahedral Meshes for Brittle Fracture Simulation", Master Thesis


  • Daniel Thul, "Position-based Simulation of Multibody Systems", Bachelor Thesis
  • Markus Tillinger, "Kollisionsbehandlung deformierbarer Festkörper", Master Thesis


  • Manuel Scholz, "Real-time rendering of volumetric terrain", Master Thesis
  • Sebastian Schöngen, "Parallel Collision Detection between Deformable Models", Bachelor Thesis
  • Alvar Gamez Zerban, "Criteria for adaptive simulation with a hierarchical Shape-Matching method", Bachelor Thesis
  • Eric Wolter, "Physically-based Skinning of Rigid-Bodies", Bachelor Thesis


  • Bastian Moldenhauer, "Kollisionserkennung für deformierbare Körper", Diploma Thesis
  • Dan Koschier, "Physically Based Animation of Brittle Fracture", Bachelor Thesis
  • Andreas Wieland, "Level of Detail Verfahren bei Textilsimulationen", Bachelor Thesis


  • Jochen Gast, "A geometric multigrid method for simulating deformable models on unstructured, non-nested mesh hierachies", Bachelor Thesis


  • Thorsten Blum, "Adaptive Detailstufen in der impulsbasierten Dynamiksimulation deformierbarer Körper", Diploma Thesis


  • Daniel Bayer, "Impulsbasierte Dynamiksimulation auf der GPU", Student Project
  • Philipp Walter, "Vergleich von 3D-Engines und Entwurf einer einfachen Schnittstelle", Student Project
  • Johannes Röder, "Vergleich von Methoden zur impulsbasierten Dynamiksimulation", Student Project


  • Daniel Bayer, "Implementierung der Lagrange-Faktoren-Methode und Vergleich mit der impulsbasierten Dynamiksimulation, Diploma Thesis


  • Diana Kaufmann, "Visualisierung von Wetter- und Sicherheitsinformationen in einem Aeronautical Information System (AIS)", Diploma Thesis
  • Daniel Kallfass, "Entwurf und Implementierung eines Algorithmus zur Bewertung von Einsehbarkeiten in einer virtuellen 3D-Welt in Echtzeit", Diploma Thesis
  • Tony Bernardin, "Haptics Assisted User Interface: Using VR-Applications On Desktop Systems", Student Project


  • Jochen Winzen, "Kollisionserkennung für die mechanische Simulation in der VR", Diploma Thesis
  • Tony Bernardin, "Real-time 3D terrain mapping", Diploma Thesis


  • Jörg Wiersbitzki, "Erzeugung von 3D Gebäudemodellen aus Grundrisspolygonen", Student Project
  • Martin Leisener, "Interaktion für dreidimensionale Routenplanung in einer virtuellen Umgebung", Diploma Thesis

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